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Increasing demand for graphite electrodes

Along with the steel mill late March concentrated purchasing season, steel mill inquiry increased, some graphite electrode manufacturers price slightly up, up 5000-10000RMB yuan per ton. Recently, the price of super high power graphite electrode has increased by 12000 RMB per ton, and the diameter of HUP has increased to 100,000-170,000RMB per ton.

In the long run, long-process steel-making, the conversion to short-process steel-making, can greatly reduce pollution, is the inevitable trend of future industry. Under the long-term trend of supply side reform, the high probability of the National steel price will be maintained continuously high, which is conducive to the long-term high operation of scrap steel price, the scrap steel recycling industry is expected to meet the expected explosion, the relevant scrap steel treatment enterprises, graphite electrode enterprises for steel making in electric arc furnace, it is worth investors to keep track of the following event driving potential.


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